Services We Offer


Whether you need a part designed for manufacturability, an assembly designed from scratch, or a new part sourced in a highly flexible environment; 966 Industries can help. With inhouse design using Autodesk products, we can provide full design services as well as 3D modeling and blue print production. We can even insert your company name and logo for a professional look. Impress your customers by collaborating with us!


Once you have a design and are ready for production, 966 Industries is your one -top shop for machining needs. We utilize a unique set of automation and quality control tools that guarantee great results. We offer quick turnaround times with industry leading quality and delivery. Whether you need weekly, monthly, or yearly deliveries, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Assemble & Package

Our automated systems provide a great platform to fulfill inspection, assembly, and packaging operations. We can bulk pack your items or use your existing dunnage for a green approach. Your product can be packaged with inspection documents to aid in tracking and accountability.

Industries Served

Manufacturing   |   Medical   |   Agriculture   |   Aerospace   |   Automotive   |   Industrial   |   Off-Road   |   Consumer